Let’s Make Mill Road Safe in Covid-19!

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Walked or cycled down Mill Road recently?

Even with the current low vehicle volumes on Mill Road, social distancing for pedestrians is impossible without stepping into or crossing over the Road.

Cyclists, worried about using the enclosed Carter Bridge during the pandemic will find using Mill Road becomes even more unsafe than usual, with pedestrians stepping off the pavements to avoid others.

And with any relaxation of lockdown restrictions, an increase in traffic will make a dangerous situation on Mill Road worse….

Fortunately the Government have recognised this and announced emergency funding to make high density urban streets just like Mill Road safer for walking and cycling during the pandemic.

At Over Mill Road Bridge we’re campaigning to make sure that Cambridgeshire County Council use this funding to make the length of Mill Road a safe space.

2 Replies to “Let’s Make Mill Road Safe in Covid-19!”

  1. Hi Andy,

    Great to see action on this. The petition could be more prominent on the web page. In general I’d also advice using the County’s own petition page so that officers manage the collation and presentation. That’s probably more for future reference as it can take up to ten days for the council to make a petition live:

    When I went to sign it I found that it is compulsory to opt-in to updates, which will put some people off signing.

    Worth also promoting Camcycle’s Spaces to Breathe campaign:

    I tried replying to the email about this, but it bounced:

    “Your message wasn’t delivered to info@overmillroadbridge.org.uk because the address couldn’t be found or is unable to receive email.”

    Kind regards,

    Edward Leigh
    Chair of South Petersfield Residents Association

    01223 561 042

    1. Hi Edward, yes we didn’t go for the County Petition mechanism because of the lack of time between now and the 28th May. We now hear that the 28th meeting may be delayed, so we’ll make that application now.

      Thanks for the camcycle link! And thanks for the heads up re the email address, that’s fixed now 🙂

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