We’ve received loads of comments from local people, and you can read a small sample below.  Want to add some of your own?  Sign the petition!

Laura says: “I have just had a baby and this closure would leave me isolated from the rest of town.  If crossrail can be built without impacting pedestrians there is no reason this work should do so.”

Nickey says “I am signing as there are many elderly people, and families that walk over the bridge every day that will be unable to go a different longer walk, and so the total closure would mean these people are isolated.”

Chris says “The last time work closing the bridge to traffic was done, the rail company put up a temporary foot/cycle bridge alongside. Easy peasy….”

Liz says “With the rates of pedestrians and cycling activity over Mill Road bridge, a diversion to Carter Bridge is just not practical. It is a long way for people who are less mobile, and raises safety concerns about people travelling late at night such as workers on Mill Road.”

Edward says “Essential that access is maintained for pedestrians, and that the path is wide enough for wheelchairs or people pushing bikes to pass.”

Len says “When the bridge was last heightened, British Rail put in a temporary foot/cycle bridge.  I know they have to make a profit now, but is this one more case for taking them back into public ownership?”

Rebecca says “This would be really difficult for so many people. Lots of kids use that route to get to school and we use it to get into the city centre by bike. You would isolate a number of people, especially the elderly who would be unable to walk the much longer route into town.”

Richard says “This will impact severely on the viability of the independent traders for which Mill Road, Cambridge is justifiably famous, and of which the community is justifiably proud. The greatest volume of sales from Mill Road’s shops is to customers who arrive on foot or by pedal-cycle.”

Robyn says “Our school run would be entirely disrupted by this. Please provide a cycle and pedestrian option during the time the road is closed.”