Govia Propose Total Bridge Closure Dates – Unacceptable!

Govia Thameslink have emailed councillors advising periods over which they want to completely close Mill Road bridge including to pedestrians.

Govia had previously told residents that the bridge would be totally closed for about a week, with the possible need for the odd day of further closure.  They are now proposing a total of 14 days of total closure over the 8 week period.

Govia sent their email on Tuesday this week (25th June), with the first total closure proposed starting 5th July, little more than a week later.  There was no consultation with the community prior to the email being sent.

The total closure dates that Govia have proposed are:

  • Friday 5 July until Monday 8 July – from 8.45am until 8.45pm each day
  • Thursday 11 July until Saturday 13 July – from 8.45am until 8.45pm each day
  • Sunday 28 July until Wednesday 31 July – from 8.45am until 8.45pm each day
  • Saturday 3 August until Monday 5 August – from 8.45am until 8.45pm each day

We are acutely aware of the impact this would have on residents and traders on both sides of the bridge, and councillors are demanding that Govia think again.

Romsey City Councillor Dave Baigent was talking about this on Radio Cambridgeshire on Wednesday – segment starts at 1:05:50:

After this spirited radio broadcast and a number of social media posts which drew considerable support, Dave tells us he is hoping that Govia will think again…

We have been told that there’s a rumour circulating that Govia were going to remove all pedestrian access for the entire period  of the closure.  As far as we’re aware this is untrue.

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