Petition and website launched!

The proposals by Network Rail and Govia Thameslink for the closure of Mill Road Bridge in 2019 are clearer after last night’s public meeting (Thu 1-11-18) and you can see their presentation here.

Network Rail and Govia Thameslink indicated that they were planning a total closure of the bridge for around two months from May 2019.  The audience were both vociferous and united in their response.  Mill Road Traders, Cambridge Cycling Campaign, local Councillors and the public spoke with almost one voice to say total closure of the bridge including to pedestrians was not going to be acceptable.

This site has been established to give a voice both to those that attended last night and to those who didn’t, and who do not want the bridge closure to divide the people who live and work around Mill Road.

Our first action is to get as many signatures as possible on a petition so that we can make our voice heard.  As interest grows we shall continue to provide information about the closure, there will be comments pages, a twitter feed, email address and a facebook page.  But for now welcome, please join us by signing the petition and make sure the closure of the bridge does not divide our community.

Petition - Over Mill Road Bridge
Sign our petition to press for pedestrian access to be maintained over Mill Road Bridge for the time that it's closed to vehicles in Spring / Summer 2019
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