Bridge Closure – Update #1

This is the first of a series of information posts about the Mill Road Bridge closure this summer.  We’ll use these to give Romsey & Petersfield residents and businesses as much detail as we can about the closure arrangements.

Please use the comments box below if you have concerns or questions.  We’ll respond to those as quickly as we can.

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Bus Services during the Closure

The original proposed routes by Stagecoach / Govia are as below:


Concerns raised with Stagecoach and Govia include:

  • The difficulties less able people will experience in getting from one side of the bridge to the other.  For example, a Romsey resident who has a GP appointment in Petersfield.   If you can’t manage the walk from one shuttle bus to the other across the bridge, then with these plans you would have to take three different buses (one shuttle, the diverted 2 service, then the other shuttle)
  • There is no single service for Romsey or Petersfield residents to get them to Addenbrookes.  This would require changing buses at least once.

We continue to argue for better bus service provision over the closure period, working alongside Cambridge Area Bus Users to try to achieve this.

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Provision for less able residents

We have been in discussion with Cambridge Dial-A-Ride about the possibliity that their service could help to plug the gaps in the Stagecoach provision.  This is an appointment only door-to-door service that would be available to residents who will have particular problems using the modified bus services described above.

We are meeting with Govia on Monday and will be asking for their support including funding of this service.

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Pollution and Traffic Monitoring

Romsey and Petersfield councillors have asked the Greater Cambridge Partnership to ensure that devices capable of measuring traffic and pollution levels will be in place for the duration of the closure and beyond.

This will allow us to understand the impact of the bridge closure on traffic volumes and pollution levels in Mill Road.  In addition other major routes that are likely to be affected by changes in traffic volumes during the closure will be monitored.  This will include Coldhams Lane, East Road, Brooks / Perne / Mowbray Roads and Hills Road.

The traffic monitoring will be able to distinguish between / measure cars, lorries / vans, pedestrians and cyclists, which should provide some interesting statistics.

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Gas Main Work – Triio

Gas Main contractors Triio will be renewing the gas main along the entire length of Mill Road while the bridge is closed.  This is a 6-8 week project and doing it at this time minimises disruption while traffic volumes are low.  The age of the existing main is such that it must be replaced.

Where practical the work will be completed by inserting new plastic main through the existing iron main, with excavation only necessary and the start and end of the sections and to connect up service pipes to the individual premises.

Triio will start work on 1st July with two teams working on both sides of the bridge.  The teams will move outwards in 100m stretches from there.

The Triio project  manager has been involved in our meetings, and we are working closely with him to coordinate both timings and locations of planned Celebrate! events.

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4 Replies to “Bridge Closure – Update #1”

  1. Like so many people, I am pleased to read the problems that will be encountered by non-cyclists and walking disabled are being tackled. However a positive outcome can only be achieved if Stagecoach fully participate in these discussions. Access to Addenbrooke’s is a priority – access to Sainsburys isn’t! Bringing in CABU should help immensely in persuading Stagecoach to take their role as a bus service seriously.
    Are plans for getting Romsey residents access to and from the city centre also being investigated?
    I very much appreciate the engagement of Dial-a-Ride and believe this will alleviate some of the access problems.
    I was disappointed that gas works will be conducted at the same time as the bridge works. That is bound to have a negative effect on drivers who live off Mill Road.
    Why is Mill Road being targeted fora potential ban on through traffic? It is obvious that the result will be increased traffic on all other routes. Is it not possible to investigate why there are congestion problems? Aside from deliveries and taxis parking up, another significant impact is cyclists (and yes, I know I will be extremely unpopular for saying this!). But the fact is that many cyclists find it difficult to cycle over Mill Road bridge and are therefore either slow or wobble. Other cyclists can overtake but bus drivers and other vehicles cannot, causing tailbacks.
    Would it be feasible to widen the bridge and put in a proper cycle path?

    1. Stagecoach have published the temporary timetables on their website now (under ‘promos & offers’, for some reason).

      A summary of the service is:
      Citi 2 – every 10 minutes Cambridge North-City Centre, with half of the buses turning there (apparently stopping at both stop E3 and stop E2) and half of the buses continuing via Coldhams Lane Sainsbury’s to Addenbrookes
      Shuttle 2A – every 20 minutes Emmanuel Street E3 to Gwydir Street
      Shuttle 2B – every 20 minutes Coldhams Lane Sainsbury’s to The Broadway
      During Evenings and Sundays, all three services run at 30 minute intervals. The last services in the evening appear to be slightly later than normal, and the three evening services to Waterbeach are at 20 minute intervals instead of the usual 30.

      Timetabled connections exist between a shuttle bus and both directions of the Citi 2 at both connection points.
      In the City Centre connecting to or from the northbound Citi 2 requires a 150m walk between Emmanuel Street and St Andrew’s Street for the northbound Citi 2) and at Brooks Road Sainsbury’s; all other connections will be at the same stop (or as close to that as two buses can physically get).
      In the City Centre, all three buses are timetabled to arrive at the same time, wait for 5 minutes, and then depart at the same time. (Note that the Citi 2 buses that terminate here do not connect with the shuttle bus.)
      At the Coldham Lane Sainsbury’s the Shuttle is timetabled to wait 5 minutes (or about 10 when running at 30 minute intervals). The Citi 2 buses both pass through during this interval.

      So every connection is timetabled to take no more than 6 minutes, and hopefully the buses will wait for these connections if they are slightly delayed (although this probably wouldn’t be feasible during severe disruption). I reckon the timetable requires using the same number of ‘standard’ buses as usual, along with the two smaller shuttle buses that are being brought in from other regions, so this is probably the best that can reasonably be done.

      You mentioned previously that you “cannot understand how they can be so selfish (stupid?) as to prioritise a supermarket over a hospital”. I think this completely misses the point – running the shuttle to Sainsbury’s has nothing to do with prioritising access to the supermarket. Instead, it is about providing a convenient connection to the diverted Citi 2 service, and I can’t think of any better connection than one where all the buses use the same bus stop. Running the shuttle buses to Addenbrookes instead would require at least one (and possibly two) more shuttle buses, and would make the connection to the City Centre much worse (requiring either a much longer route via Addenbrookes, or walking along and crossing over Brooks Road or Perne Road).

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