Bridge Closure Dates, Bus Routes and More

Over Mill Road Bridge were at the Public Meeting Govia Thameslink (GTR) held Monday at the Salvation Army Hall on Mill Road.  Many people attended the meeting, despite short notice.

GTR Slides are linked here

We noted a few key points / actions:

  • dates of bridge closure will be 1st July to 25th August
  • GTR will need to shut the bridge completely including to pedestrians for about a week, around the middle / end of July for safety reasons
    • St Matthews and St Phillips school summer term ends on 23rd July
    • we will ask GTR to keep the pedestrian access available until after that date
  • residents concerns about the proposed Shuttle Bus service commissioned by GTR and run by Stagecoach (see page 11 of the slides attached below)
    • proposed turning streets may not be suitable
    • the service on the Romsey side only goes to and from Sainsburys Brooks Road, but lots residents make lots of Addenbrookes appointments by bus
    • we’ve arranged a meeting Tuesday 7th May with GTR and County Council Highways officers to find answers
  • GTR need to engage better with the Romsey and Petersfield communities
    • e.g. provide financial support to help with the planned Celebrate! festival
    • clarity on who’s got the chequebook at GTR
    • better communications are a must
    • OMRB will follow up all these points

15 Replies to “Bridge Closure Dates, Bus Routes and More”

  1. Honestly I think is not amazing. I work in the biomedical campus and I don’t know how to come at work or home to go in the city centre.
    To me is just not enough.
    Not happy about the festival too.

    1. It may be a inconvenient, but there’s no choice about it – the railway is widening the bridge, and at least there’s pedestrian access now, thanks to our local councillors. You could drive or cycle via other routes – as far as I know, it will still be possible to get everywhere, just by a longer route, and there will still be buses up to the bridge. Regarding the festival, I think it’s a great idea to make the most of the closure with some community events. What would be the problem with that?

  2. The best easy easy solution I think is bus drives up as far as possible up mill road we get off walk over bridge wait and catch bus down the other side. And a bus going long way round also on offer

    1. hi Ibbie
      “bus drives up as far as possible up mill road we get off walk over bridge wait and catch bus down the other side.” – the shuttle bus is going to do that I think?
      Extending the scope of the shuttle service eg to Addenbrookes is one of the requests that came up at the public meeting, so we’ll be pursuing that with GTR…
      Thanks for feeding back!

  3. Can anyone please tell me more about the planned Celebrate! festival? When is it to be ? Who is organising it? Thanks Caro

    1. Hello Caroline
      We at Over Mill Road Bridge are still trying to enable local residents to plan events over the summer. We’re also constrained by a few things, in particular the gas main work going the length of Mill Road over the period of the closure, the requirements to get the shuttle bus turned around at the Bridge end of the road, and the short timescales.

      Things will be clearer after a planning meeting which is happening tomorrow evening, and other meetings this week with County Council Highways officers, Govia Thameslink and Stagecoach. I see you’ve signed up to the mailing list, so you’ll get the updates.

      Thanks for your support!

  4. I apologise for not being able to attend any of the meetings so far. It’s not that I am complacent, it’s just that the dates have clashed with other pre-booked outings.
    I appreciate all the work that CABU is doing to assist residents during the Mill Road Bridge closure, and for all the dates (although I am certain that it will not run to time!)
    However, it is extremely disappointing that Stagecoach has only offered a bus service from Romsey to Sainsbury’s. I cannot understand how they can be so selfish (stupid?) as to prioritise a supermarket over a hospital. And how will Petersfield residents access the hospital (and the supermarket if they felt it necessary). Not all Mill Road residents can walk/cycle, therefore only a bus can transport them to our only local hospital.
    Can any more pressure be put on Stagecoach/GTR to work together to resolve this issue? If Stagecoach was to reduce the size of their buses to people carriers, perhaps that would solve the ability to turn round at each end of the bridge closure.
    Personally, I am not motivated by a Festival. As a disabled Romsey resident, I will have no access to the Petersfield area. I am more concerned about how I will get to: my GP, my hairdresser, the station and the city centre (without using my car for the latter).

  5. hi Ruth, thanks for your feedback.

    We have met with Stagecoach and will continue to put as much pressure on as we can – however as you may be aware they are a private company who are being commissioned by Govia Thameslink to provide this service and are not accountable to councillors or anyone else. This has also been made harder because they failed to consult with anyone until it was too late to make substantive changes to their plans.

    1. Thanks Andy for your response.
      I am well aware that Stagecoach is there to serve the shareholders and not provide a bus service, having already been in contact with them when they rerouted every other C2 from Addenbrooke’s to Sainsbury’s. The timetable 20 minute wait for a bus to our hospital had a huge negative impact on residents of Mill Road and around Cherry Hinton who have no other choice but the C2.
      But what is being proposed is an outrage. It makes a 20 minute wait almost bearable when the only other choice is a taxi!
      It is bad enough that residents of Romsey who are not pedestrians or cyclists are unable to access Petersfield or the city centre for 6-8 weeks. But the offer that Stagecoach is proposing is a token and should be challenged.
      By not running a service to Addenbrooke’s, they should be ashamed of themselves, and the impact on local residents is far wider.
      Is there any way we can get them some really bad publicity and force them to the live up to their name of a bus service?
      I am not proposing a petition because I think that is valueless. However if we can involve the Cambridge newspapers and some council representative (and maybe even Addenbrooke’s themselves?), would we be able to shame Stagecoach into revising their pathetic solution?
      Can we involve the Mayor to finally do something and become involved? There must be some way that we can pressurise Stagecoach to have a public conscience.

  6. Hi Ruth,
    Simply put, neither Govia or Stagecoach thought it necessary to talk to anyone. We have met with them once and are doing so again on Monday.
    You know I / we will do our best.

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