About Romsey Mutual Aid

Romsey Mutual Aid (RMA) is now winding down but has been part of a larger effort across Cambridge to provide support for anyone who needs help during the coronavirus outbreak.

The kind of support we’ve provided includes

  • Shopping deliveries / prescription pickup
  • Moral support – check-ins, phone calls, reminders
  • Signposting to advice

We have a system in place for coordinating the work of our volunteers and receiving and monitoring requests for help. The help request system includes a single phone number for contacting us. People can also get in touch by email, text and a form.

The work of RMA is overseen by a committee (below) which meets regularly. You can get in touch by emailing romsey.covid.coms@gmail.com, but please bear in mind that making sure that we can respond safely and quickly to requests for help must always be our priority.

Dave Baigent – Chair / Trustee
Andy Kennedy – Secretary / Trustee
Roxanne de Beaux – Trustee
Diane Hicks – Romsey Mill
Sam Dyer – Cambridge Sustainable Food
Ellie Greene
Rebecca Gordon – Comms
Paul Lythgoe – Treasurer / Trustee
Catherine Smart
James Baye – IT
Zareen Taj – Trustee
Paula Downes
Miguel Torres – IT